Saturday, September 21

OUTFITS | Monthly update.

I really miss posting on my blog and therefore in the process of looking for a new good quality camera. For now, I have my Iphone and a new mirror to help me. 
Here are a few outfits I have been wearing through the past month or so. Can you see a theme here? Is it obvious I like the colour black?
on another note, I've been recently revamping my bedroom and spending all of my pennies in the wonderland that is Ikea. It will hopefully all be finished in the next few weeks so I will post about that soon too.

If anyone has any suggestions on a good quality camera please feel free to tell me, I'd appreciate the help!


  1. love the third outfit ♥

  2. Looking cracking as always. I have a Nikon D3100 and I love it (samples of photos on my blog, obvs!) x